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Glow Plug (Metal), Beru

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Glow Plug (Metal), Beru

The colder it gets, the more necessary it is to have all 4 of your glow plugs in good working order.

If you have scanned your ECU and found glow plug errors on 1 or more cylinders, these Beru glow plugs are what you need to get your engine started quickly and easily.

If you’re in there to replace 1 or 2 glow plugs, save yourself the future headache of having to go in there again and just replace all 4 of them now.

These are M10x1x27mm metal-tipped plugs, which heat more slowly than ceramic- tipped plugs, and require a different voltage to operate. As a result, mixing them with ceramic plugs must be avoided. VW has run a number of campaigns on the 2004-06 BEW, BHW, and 2004 BKW PD TDIs that have seen metal-tipped glow plugs replaced with ceramic-tipped plugs, and vice versa. In addition, an ECU reflash accompanied each change. If you’re unsure whether or not you have ceramic or steel glow plugs in your engine, you may need to remove one of yours and inspect it.

The Bosch part number for this plug is 0250402004, but it is not available in a Bosch box - only in an OEM box. The specs of this Beru glow plug share those of the original plug:

9V........Rated Voltage
94mm...Overall Length
26mm...Fitting Depth

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