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12pt Driver Set, Metalnerd

12pt Driver Set, Metalnerd

BRAND: Metalnerd
These 12 point drivers (AKA XZN, triple square, and spline) are a great addition to your toolbox.

This 3 piece set includes the following drivers

1x M8 (3/8" base, 55mm long)
1x M10 (1/2" base, 160mm long)
1x M12 (1/2" base, 160mm long)

Here are some common uses for each:

M8.....4 cylinder driveshaft bolts, and some newer door lock hardware.
M10...inner CV bolts on 1.8T cars as well as for some alternator pulleys, flywheel bolts and early 1.8T engine head bolts.
M12...1.8T, 4 cylinder diesel and TDI, and VR6 headbolts, mk4 steering wheel centre bolt.

Made from S2 tool steel, they are not designed for impact tool usage.

Note: Some 1.8T, 2.0, V6 and V8 gas engines use a 6 spline (AKA poly drive) driver instead of the 12-point. To be safe, you may want to add the MN18TKIT to your cart as well.

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