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Combi Valve, OEM

Combi Valve, OEM

A properly operating catalytic convertor needs to be running between 600-1000°F (315-540°C) to catalyse the exhaust gasses flowing through it. During a cold start, the engine runs very rich - meaning there’s not enough air present in the air-fuel mixture. As a result, raw fuel ends up flowing into the exhaust, and through the catalytic convertor. This is an emissions issue, and will very quickly lead to a check engine light (CEL).

To counter this, the SAI pump is signaled by the ECU to pump filtered air from the air filter housing to the combi valve. The combi valve passes the air directly into the exhaust, helping the fuel to burn, which in turn heats up the cat more quickly.

A failed combi valve will limit or prevent air from getting to the exhaust, causing that dreaded CEL.

A combi valve can fail due to dirt and debris being fed to it by the SAI pump, from an accumulation of carbon over time, or the rubber diaphragm inside the valve failing from old age. Whatever the reason, if your combi valve has quit, this OEM replacement will get your engine running clean again.

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